ok, ok , time to start writing again… for real this time .. 10/10 actually writing

I’m back I have returned,  yes  really!!  Life has been keeping me busy , and I’ve been trying to muster the inspiration to write anything .    Between my career change , and the strange turn of events that have lead a diabetic Indian man with kidney failure and his two daughters to move into my household .  Have left me thinking about compassion, and moral self-reflection.   It’s quite a lot to write about ,but for now I just wanted to announce that I am back!   With plenty to write about !


I Have a new bonsai and I named it Viola

Yesterday to my surprise ,while browsing WordPress Viola Bleu my virtual friend and longtime blogger that I have been following for quite some time release the new blog post.

In it she announce that she bought a new bonsai and named it Joseph after me , a touching gesture that I didn’t really think a ” thank you” could express my thanks .

In my backyard unattended and ignored for 16 years a pine tree has been growing in a ceramic pot.

I had to look up a how to video on making a bonsai, I ended up repotting it adding fresh soil trimming the roots and branches . In hindsight I probably should have taken a before and after picture

But the end result I’m pleased with , for now I’ll have to let this pine tree rest and adapt to its new soil

I still have to shape the branches with copper wire and that in itself could take years!

Leo seems to approve.


I have found myself mired in meetings, and seminars . Not that I dislike meetings or seminars and who can say no to Free coffee and keto chocolate cups but in the back of my mind I know it could be doing better things with my time like  actually working.

Three weekends ago I spent the day getting my P Patch ready.
ended up Tilling the soil and adding nitrogen, ash , coffee grounds and eggshells … Still haven’t decided what to plant most definitely there will be kale, mustard ,greens and beats maybe I’ll plant some napa cabbage and try my hand at making homemade kimchi.

This upcoming Thursday my sister will be flying out to Colorado  visiting friends until Monday.  Leaving the house  with only myself   my sister’s girlfriend and course Leo. Which means a couple of things one I’ll have to hire a dog walker for Thursday and Friday so that Leo doesn’t build up an explosive amount of energy plus it’s probably inhumane to keep a dog in a pen from 9 hours at a time.  The puppers haas grown up big

 Second of all I have an ever-expanding list of “experimental” dinners I’d like to try creating and with my sister out of the way who is in fact the pickiest eater of the household it leaves me free to try new things Thursday has in store waffle tacos , Friday I’m planning spicy tomato seafood chowder with pizza dumplings  Saturday a Caesar salad but without the chicken adding salmon and avocado   With a seafood pot pie Sunday: teriyaki beef over wild rice

  Trees are still blooming and I’m enjoying that. 

notable books I’ve read this month steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse


Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

  Both of which I recommend to anyone who’s looking for anything new to read.

Lastly quick update on my writing progress, I have taken the jump and started writing  despite the fact that I still don’t feel that I have the entirety of a plot written out . I might start releasing it by chapters starting next month , at the same time there might be quite a lot of revisions I just finished steppenwolf and it’s left me blown away I think to myself I could do much better and there probably more revisions that could be done to improve the story. I said this in the past but books & the internet expose us to the world’s greatest writers in the past and present and I can’t help but feel inadequate in comparison to them.

  Btw: has anyone been keeping track of game of thrones I’m glad it’s back after 2 years.    

I hope Tyrion takes the iron throne!

February In Seattle, Short story progress.


It doesn’t usually snow that much or too often in Seattle so when the first two weeks of February snowed enough to be called

“The snowiest month in the last 50 years”

even though that equated to only 4 to 6 inches of expected snowfall. It left me and other Seattlelites scrambling towards the nearest Trader Joe’s, PCC or Whole Food’s to stockpile on groceries. Only to be greeted with a scarcity of kale, eggs tomatoes, kombucha all the bread… You know The essentials. There was also an hour and a half wait times at the checkout.

Daniel  humorously tweeted

“Oh no they’ve started looting people are running out of the stores with arms full of yerba mate tea.”

“People are bartering monogrammed yoga mats for just a single slice of cauliflower pizza.”

“Everything is closed everywhere is abandoned writing groups are still meeting though. You can’t keep submitting the same chapter Doug!”

In all seriousness though first two weeks February I was only able to make it into work for a total of 4 days. All other days were spent working from home or exploring the winterscape.


nights were accompanied by long dinners my sis stared at her phone while I read and drank tea/wine.

We even snowboard down the hill a couple of times.

 I’ve had the time to think about what kind of short story I’d like to write.
   Two of my favorite bloggers Ortensia who just published her very first book! Fields of Lies.
 And Viola Blue who’s been blogging her progress is on the cusp of publishing her first. Both have inspired me and given me moxie as I attempt to navigate my way towards my first short story.
So far I’ve been toying with the idea
 Of a story that takes place in the not-so-distant future where a young man/ woman leaves his/her countryside home to attend a big city college.
  Where he encounters a cloud Cuckoo Land esq city, all signs for this malady point towards a vendor of dreams that sells dreams all kinds of flavors.
     I can picture civilians walking the streets who have lived hundreds of LifeTimes through their dreams talking in cryptic languages and shouting magical incantations living a life woven by the shards of all their dreams.
 I can picture the main character attempting to ameliorate this situation as he tries to wean friends and a college roommate off from these dream pills, many questions arise that I still need to answer.
There’s a saying in Inception” the dream is real once you’re in it” who is the main character to say to the dreamer,  the dream they’re living and receiving pleasure from is worthless living in and To embrace the hardships and happiness that come with reality.
What happens to a city when its inhabitants have lived a lifetime’s inside dreams that have no dues or don’t, borders, barriers or guidelines and they begin to live in reality?
        Who knows, I still don’t know whether this is a good idea or not.
……. I’ll have to re-read
  • ready Player One
  • Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
  • House of leaves
  • Enders Game
  • Amanda

Anyways Thanks for Reading

What I’ve been Up to, Looking at 2019

I’ve blinked and two months have flown by.

    The last two weeks of December till the 2nd of January I had a  vacation.  similar to how a plot of land in rotation occasionally needs a year to replenish its nutrients so it can grow better crops during the spring and Summer maybe humans need a period of rest to replenish themselves. At least that’s how Id like to view the vacation, since nothing was accomplished and I feel guilty that I  could have used that time to write a couple blog posts, for drawing, fixing the electric lawn mower, Or even coding. However, I spent the days in PJs while I read next to the fireplace catching up on all the books I’ve been meaning to read, competitively & belligerently playing Settlers of Catan with my siblings and their plus ones.

       I can probably expect in this question to come up every holiday season now.

    ” Joseph when are you finally going to find yourself a nice girlfriend”

          I laugh off the question usually responding with. “I’m just too busy with my job, to consider dating someone at the moment”

    The real answer that question is I’m goal oriented and I have so many things I want to achieve and getting into a relationship  isn’t it a top priority, also I feel secure physically and emotionally on my own I’m comfortable with what I am and what I have I don’t need someone else to make my life “Complete”.

    When the 2nd of  January arrived I was back at work, the time  has quickly flown by it’s been an interesting transition from spending most of my time doing research to spending most of my time coding, I’m now part of the team that’s responsible for creating data analysis tools. Which leaves me slightly pondering the opportunity of making a lateral career change from a research associate to a software engineer.

    Mainly because that’s practically what I’ve become and the average salary for software engineers in the Seattle area is Ludacris and that’s a large incentive.  However I’m still a long ways away from making the jump, I have to look at every single pro and con when making such a large decision.


Fuzzily looking at 2019, it doesn’t look like it’ll be an eventful year. The only thing I know for certain is that it’ll be a year where I will continue to live simply and frugally.  When it comes to blogging I’ll continue to post at least once a month last year I posted Philip of the dragonflies which in retrospect I think I could have done much better so I hope that this will be the year where I will write a short story start to finish that I’m pleased with.



Week Without a CellPhone

I’ve been given a nudge by the world to ensure that I follow through with the one-week commitment without a phone. A wild coincidence, my phone stopped working on Saturday, Nov 24th and the expected arrival date for my new phone is November 30th-Dec 5th potentially turning my week without a phone into a week and a half.

At the beginning of the week the most discomfort arose from feeling isolated and disconnected from friends and family, whenever I have a thought I want I remember in the future I like pulling out my phone and using the speech-to-text function to save my thoughts for later on, also I’m a sucker for using Reddit and playing puzzles and dragons during lunch . I don’t think I would have felt the unrest that I did if I had the comfort of knowing my phones was waiting for me at home. As Monday came to a close the prospects of spending another potential 9 days without a phone felt daunting.

After Tuesday the 27th I taped a small piece of paper over the clock on the lower right corner of the computer as long as I have coffee and maintain focus while not staring at the clock the day goes by faster than flipping through a page in a book. I feel a bit more present in the moment while I’m walking, talking, working or just making breakfast /dinner. I still miss not being able to communicate with friends or family instantly but as Friday arrived I was coming to terms with the fact that most of the things I talk about with friends and family are superfluous, anything that’s important you can just email it or wait till we have a face-to-face conversation.

I got a notification on Tuesday night that my phone would be arriving on December 3rd so as I’m writing this Sunday night I still have one more day but in conclusion, what have I learned from going a week without a phone?

The smartphone is a powerful communication, organizational and informational tool but at the same time, it can be a distraction. for some it’s social media and all the notifications that it comes with . for me the biggest distractions have been glancing at Reddit during work and lunch or playing puzzles and dragons.

As this week has come to an end I now know that I can live without inauspicious distracting social media and games.

Well that’s my update for the week I have yet to buy any Christmas presents I wasn’t too impressed with Black Friday or Cyber Monday I’m not sure on sale rumbas, rice cookers, or 4K televisions is what I had in mind as a meaningful Christmas gift. I haven’t made up my mind yet but I might just browse around Amazon for clothes… Everyone likes a snuggly sweaters or jackets!

Till next time


Last Friday, Thanksgiving & Manga that needs to be adapted into anime

 Monday, November 19th
         Last Friday I forgot my phone at home, I was  close to turning my bicycle around and going back home but I was already late so I opted not to,  fictional possibilities we’re running in my mind  as I biked to work in the morning what if my sister got into a car accident and couldn’t reach me or what if the big earthquake struck Seattle and I had no means of contacting  family or friends. However, as the day progressed the worry of not having a phone receded out of my conscious attention.  What stood out to me on Friday was during lunch all the postdocs, grad students and professors make their way to the hub cafeteria for coffee and lunch I haven’t noticed this before but a majority were engrossed by their phones as they were drinking coffee and having lunch. And I would have been one of those people if I have my phone with me.
I can hear your question already
okay, they ate lunch and drank their coffee while staring at their phone, So what? “
 Well, I haven’t thought about this before but a lack of attention to those around us sends the message of indifference while eye contact conveys respect and care.
      With all this in mind, I think I might try going a week without carrying my phone after Thanksgiving week. Maybe I’ll become more productive who knows what’ll happen!
           I’m looking towards to Thanksgiving!
       my family, that would be my sister her girlfriend my brother his girlfriend mom and dad and myself are keeping it simple, this  Thanksgiving will be hosted by my parents outside of family we might invite a few friends, compared to the past couple of years where we have hosted 30 + relatives.
   Now on to what’s been on my mind in terms of blogging ideas the first one being, I
should continue writing the story I began one year ago why haven’t continued?
 Well because I have a problem, while I can come up with a summary of a fictional story quickly adding depth to this summary of a framework is a challenge for me!!   I have it written down in my itinerary make room and write about Philip!
      the second idea that has come to mind is that I’ve been reading manga for 15 years and I’ve come across my fair share of manga that I would like to see anime adaptations of!
I hear Naoki’s Urasawa’s Pluto and  Vinland saga are getting anime adaptation so I’ll be skipping those. I’m also skipping manga that has art styles that would be difficult to translate into anime  like  Vagabond and Kokou no Hito
( summaries copied from myanimelist.net)
20th century Boys
     So As the 20th century approaches its end, people all over the world are anxious that the world is changing. And probably not for the better.

Kenji Endo is a normal convenience store manager who’s just trying to get by. But when he learns that one of his old friends going by the name “Donkey” has suddenly committed suicide and that a new cult led by a figure known as “Friend” is becoming more notorious, Kenji starts to feel that something isn’t right. With a few key clues left behind by his deceased friend, Kenji realizes that this cult is much more than he ever thought it would be—not only is this mysterious organization directly targeting him and his childhood friends, but the whole world also faces a grave danger that only the friends have the key to stop.

 The  Manga that Originally stirred me into writing this list
The former captain of his high school’s basketball team turned delinquent, decides to drop out of school after he is crushed by the guilt of ruining a young girl’s life in a traffic accident. As he dedicates his free time to help her, he stumbles upon Kiyoharu Togawa, a former sprinter who has lost the use of his right leg and now plays wheelchair basketball as an alternate outlet.
      drawn by the Same guy that draws Vagabond and Slam Dunk Takehiko Inoe.
( summaries copied from myanimelist.net)
Akira Houjou and Chiaki Asami are childhood friends who have experienced hell and lived to tell about it. They arrive in Japan to attend school, and soon witness the corruption and apathy of the country’s population. Enraged, Akira and Asami vow to create a new Japan; a sanctuary with a new form of politics, devoid of corruption, where people are empowered to participate in the politics and future of their country. To accomplish this, Houjou and Asami aim to conquer Japan through two dramatically different routes: the Japanese Diet and the Yakuza. Decided by a game of rock-paper-scissors, Houjou ventures to seize control of the underworld while Asami pursues the position of Prime Minister.
   There are some sexual scenes and some violence but its one of the best thrillers I’ve read!
I am Hero
Insecure 35-year-old Hideo Suzuki is forced to work as a mangaka’s assistant when his own series fails due to low sales. As he struggles through a mundane life plagued by hallucinations, he comes to realize that his relationship with his girlfriend isn’t that great, suspecting that she may be cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend. After confronting her about the possible affair, however, Hideo feels bad about his inquisition and decides to visit her house to apologize, But as he enters her apartment she ends up turning into a zombie and the ART IS AMAZING FOR THIS ONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! 🙏🙏🙏
Well, that’s it for this blog post, please forgive me if there are any mistakes I am hurriedly writing this Monday morning. I probably should have written more about why I think they could make great anime adaptations but I guess we could talk about that in the comment section!
 May you all  have a great week and the happiest of thanksgivings