Puff up your chest stand up straight , Exercise for a Healthy Mind

haven’t had much time to write or check  WordPress, so I’m  trying something new this time. I downloaded an app Evernote, that transcribes my speech into text while I’m walking to work.
   Sarah has been complaining to me about her work situation which led me to think about tyrants, in the face of malevolence suffering and a unreasonable task load we need strength, not protection. I won’t coddle your feelings. Tyrants push until you push back. So stop with your harmlessness and naivety masquerading as virtue that is insufficient to protect you in this world. Build up a rock-solid argument, confront your boss and lay down your case.  People need to be aware you have fangs.
         Besides Evernote, I wanted to share a few helpful websites and Apps
  • https://haveibeenpwned.com checks if your email and passwords have been on any public data leaks.
  • https://camelcamelcamel.com Amazon has fluctuating prices on their products  this will  alert you when you can buy what your looking for at the lowest price
  • https://www.xmind.net/  A mind mapping tool for brainstorming and planning, Works great in conjuction with Evernote or google docs for creating stucture to your ideas
  • Flixable.co  conveniently presents what has been released on netflix along with a IMdb rating

After you turn  20 years old fluid intelligence starts to decrease, so far we’ve only discovered that exercise is the only method to prevent fluid intelligence decay.
    Exercise has been sold as something that helps you lose weight.
    It’ll help you lose weight only if it’s in conjunction with a healthy diet, an hour’s worth of running can be undone with a slice of pizza and a can of soda. The few friends that I have  are mostly  skinny   engineers that spend most of their time in front of a computer, I don’t tell them to start exercising because it’s good for their heart and it’ll help them lose weight, but because  it maintains your fluid intelligence, it helps you manage stress and  keeps you  focused.


 A damp gray winter day in Seattle, one of those days where the Gloom makes you question if it’s really necessary to drag yourself out of bed. The warm, fluffy comfortable bed reassuringly speaks ” Call in sick, forget the daily schedule “,  but progress waits for no man so I got out of bed and I started my day.
   I checked my work email, personal email, and my old personal email which gets a Ludicrous amount of spam.  Sipping my coffee  I noticed an email from The Tee Shirt Blogger with a nomination for a blogger recognition award.   I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this because I remembered a  small conversation I had with Maryanniemczura in the comments section of my last blog post.

Greater than any award the gem behind this, Human attention and time is the greatest resource anyone possesses, I’m grateful there are people that take time and attention out of their day to read my posts.
  The brief story behind my blog can be found in my first post, every post since then, I’ve been asking myself the questions what’s the purpose of this blog post?  What should the identity of this Blog site be? The rockstar mathematician Terence Tao  uses his blog site to give updates on his own   research and papers, but most of  what he studies needs mathematical Chops to understand,   Maybe in the future I’ll begin to add a few  posts about physics   when I develop  proper analogies ( not Brian Green “think of spacetime like a loaf of bread” analogies)
so that you can feel something like mind blown kitty
    with a small bit of
 but not full on
 without making you feel like you’re getting the explanation a physicist would give a 5 year old.
      I’m still not quite sure about the direction,  but I do feel that every post should bring something of use & value to you.
 3) I’m still new to blogging, I don’t have the time or experience vested to give advice to new bloggers so I’ll Echo  The Tee-shirt Bloggers advice

1] Write for you and embrace your passion, uniqueness and love for what you do …

2] Always be true to who you are, write about what you know …

3] Be grateful, always grateful for comments, tips and suggestions …

4] Read other blogs, and comment where you are able.

      4) “choose 10 other bloggers to nominate”   I don’t have 10 nominees however, there are a few bloggers I’d like to recognize for their ability to express and share their thoughts,  character and top quality cooking through their blog posts.
      Until next time,