Phillip Of the Dragonflies part 1

I began by witting short HP Lovecraft esq stories when I tried expanding these short stories I felt like I kept running into a wall.Where I would lose sight of how I wanted the progression of the story to continue and the structure would collapse.
I haven’t verbally fleshed out this story, but I have in mind the basic idea of the structure.
The Sunflower fields have bloomed and the reason I moved to this rural town I have already forgotten
I drove my jeep down the old country road, with the old rickety fence to one side and an open field of barley & sunflowers on the other that ran to the edge of town.
I parked in the J.J. Dean lot, pushed through the revolving door, walked down the hallway up the stairs and into my cubicle. A quiet day until 4 pm
Zack leaned on the cubicle wall and asked
” hey are you free today”
I swiveled my chair and looked back at him slightly annoyed
“I’m not going if you’re going to Hooters again”
“Whaaaat!? socializing isn’t a bad thing your 26 already, didn’t you notice it’s been 6 years since you were rejected by her and you’re still a withdrawn irritable mess”
The corner office door swung open and elderly gentleman stepped out
” Philip do you have a moment “
I stepped away from the cubicle and walked into the office…
” Phillip the other day the chief of accounting was replaced and the budget has become more lenient, so we’re able to pick up new projects, it’s been decided that this is going to be one of our products, wasn’t this one of your old projects? “
he held out a polka-dotted mechanical pencil with a dragonfly shaped eraser at the top.
” Congratulations!! … aren’t you happy? “
“ahh, yeah….. “
“LIAR! she said as she pushed my shoulder
” I looked in Fred Mayer and they don’t sell it ”
“what ” I replied
She pointed at my mechanical pencil
” That mechanical pencil”
” But I really bought it there “
“A Dragonfly, it didn’t have a dragonfly attached “
“Ahh, well this didn’t have a cap so I shaved down an eraser and made it myself “
“HMPH, Whatever! ”
she said with her arms crossed
“If you want I can make you one if you want”
” Reeaaaly! is it okay ?”
“Ahh yeah…. it is”
she pulled out a chair across the desk swept the pile of books aside and sat down
” I won’t forgive you if you forget me you better write down a note or something”
uhhh I looked at her with a puzzled look
“thats my name whats yours?”
At that time
I didn’t think about it until now.
staring at the sunset from the company building
How much I enjoyed spending time with her
” Phillip you have a phone call on line 5″
” Alright. who’s it from?”
” Casandra Sydney’s mother does the name ring a bell?”
“ill be right down”
I walked back down to my cubicle picked up the landline
” Hello this is Phillip “
” hi Phillip this is Casandra, Sydney’s mother I’m calling you because Sydney has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, She doesn’t have much time left, and we should also discuss the custody of her 6-year-old daughter.”
“Sydney has insisted that you’re the father”

12 thoughts on “Phillip Of the Dragonflies part 1

  1. This …. is …. GREAT!!!!
    Jospeh, I love it. The dialogue takes us immediately into their realty an d the main character being in the first person makes it gritty. 👌🏼

    I want to understand it more hence I look forward to part 2

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We love him … all versions of all stories!

        I don’t tend to read police ones, but there was an element to Harlan’s writing I enjoyed. I started a book in a holiday house and had to bring the copy home on the plane with me 😱🤣

        Liked by 1 person

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