Siblings in town! an enjoyable week

siblings, we’re back in town for spring break. It was a week BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT
      Having them back in time gave me a chance to cook larger tastier portions of food, like corned beef, pulled pork carnitas, homemade pizza, ribs.
    🙈 I  ended up consuming WAAYY to much sugar and broke my running routine 🙈 leaves me feeling guilty.
      played Settlers of Catan almost every night such a great board game, strategic planning, the friendly rivalry is turning into serious competition.
           Friday we went to an Australian themed petting zoo out in the countryside.
definitely wasn’t prepared I was wearing tennis shoe khakis and a button-up t-shirt I was expecting pavement but instead was greeted with a slushy muddy mess, animal feces everywhere. I was  Tippy tapping around the place feeling like a town Mouse out of
place everyone else was wearing rubber boots and jeans.
                    The house has grown quiet, a stillness perfect for reading, housework, programming, and a small blog update