Back Again

 HI! yes I’m alive! it’s been a while since the last post apologies. I’ve been stuck in a hypnotic routine of work, reading, riding my bicycle around Seattle, exploring parts unknown and tinkering with old devices.
 When I have found myself in front of a computer I haven’t found the motivation or inspiration to write, which is but an excuse I tell myself I don’t have any inspiration or motivation without applying myself to writing anything, not even a scribble. Maybe like a  cold motorcycle engine, all I needed was an extra force to rev up my engine.
What has revved up my engine?
  •  the day I’ve had today
  • stumbling into  Pope John Paul the 2nd’s letter to the artist
  • my kindle’s ads
    On my way back from work, bicycling down the Burke Gilman trail. A beautiful route that follows the contours of Lake Union with trees, shrubbery  Modern office building and quickest way to get between work and home.
  today the wire that allows me to shift between gears broke, luckily there was a  bicycle shop nearby “Recycled Cycles”  They sell old and new bicycles also deal with repairs.
    However, there was one slight problem …… I LEFT MY WALLET AT HOME!
 so  I walked into the store hoping they would sympathize with my situation and have some form of IOU system.     I walked up to the cleck A gruff looking fellow that looked like he should be in a motorcycle shop, not a bicycle shop. A bandana wrapped around his head,  with a beard and rolled up long sleeve t-shirt. With my best puppy dog eyes, I explained my situation and to my surprise,  HE AGREES TO HELP ME OUT !  he logged into his computer terminal adds a memo that  I owe them money. He hands me a wire and says “All right here’s the wire, just wait for the mechanics and they will install it for ya free of charge”  I thank him again and I wait in line for one of the mechanics.
 I reach the front of the line and explain my situation to the mechanic, I hand him the wire, He inspects the bicycle and looks me in the eyes. In a distinctly Chicago accent, he says to me he can’t do the repair out of good conscious. He tells me that the frame of the bike is warped the probability of the bicycle braking down and getting myself into an accident is high, and even if he did replace the brake wire it would break in no time flat. I got  30$’s worth of credit for the bicycle wheels and walked home.  while walking  I browsing through internet  and  stumbled across  Pope John Paul the 2nd’s letter to the artist ,keep in mind  I was  reading this as I was walking down the Burke Gilman trail the  sun was shining, the birds were chirping all that was left missing would be the sounds of children laughing anyways It resonated with me  and since I haven’t written anything in a while I thought this would be the Perfect motivation to get myself to write again.



“artist” can be interchanged with “scientist”, they may seem like opposites but as someone who has hands in both, the similarities outweigh the differences.

On the threshold of the Third Millennium, my hope for all of you who are artists is that you will have an especially intense experience of creative inspiration. May the beauty which you pass on to generations still to come to be such that it will stir them to wonder! Faced with the sacredness of life and of the human person, and before the marvels of the universe, wonder is the only appropriate attitude.

From this wonder, there can come that enthusiasm. People of today and tomorrow need this enthusiasm if they are to meet and master the crucial challenges which stand before us. Thanks to this enthusiasm, humanity, every time it loses its way, will be able to lift itself up and set out again on the right path. In this sense, it has been said with profound insight that “beauty will save the world”

Beauty is a key to the mystery and a call to transcendence. It is an invitation to savour life and to dream of the future. That is why the beauty of created things can never fully satisfy.

Artists of the world, may your many different paths all lead to that infinite Ocean of beauty where wonder becomes awe, exhilaration, unspeakable joy.


after thinking about it a bit it leaves me with a thought,  and it flies in the face of some forms of Buddhism and Christianity. I’m going to SAY IT ANYWAYS!

  All this talk about how ” All suffering is from attachment”  No!  ……….  What about no to that idea 
Some forms of Buddhism say that we’re here to learn a lesson. That you will graduate from samsara you escape the cycle of birth and death if you let go of your attachments, samsara contains five cyclic realms and according to them the reason why being reincarnated as a human is so desirable is not because we  have the ability to have discipline, create, Explorer, discover, learn, enjoy .   The reason it’s great for  them is that it gives them a chance to no longer be stuck in  their cycle of birth and death,    I don’t know it’s like going to a great Festival and then hoping you never come back again,
…..not that I believe in reincarnation or anything for me its like they go to this festival and don’t Figure a way to enjoy it!   in a  sense everyone is an artist,  all men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting his or her own life, he or she should make of it a work of art, a masterpiece. 

the last thing  I wanted to rant about

Does anyone else own a Kindle? If so do you also get Raunchy book ads?

I have a Kindle Paperwhite and whenever I open the protector for the Kindle special offers ads appear.

After opening and closing my Kindle a few times here are the ads I got

Dark Enemy: Taken

“She’s the immortal daughter of a goddess. Her kidnapper is a killer in our Clans worst what she feels for him can’t be  love, or can it?’

Seeing Red

seing red

‘ Riley, young, female CEO. Colin, bullish FCO with a plan. He needs her to succeed. She’s struggling. A trip to the Caribbean will change everything.’

The miracle morning

“Become the best parent you can be, simply by changing how you start your day. This guy shows you how!

(not a parent )

supposedly Amazon curates deals and product or based on my browsing and buying History. But compare that to my last few books i’ve read on my kindle

The Samurais Garden

Gravity’s rainbow

The inevitable: understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future

Double life

Introduction to mathematical philosophy

The Ginger Tree


The soul of a new machine 

It leaves me wondering If I obtained the information folders that Google and Amazon have on me would that reflect the person I am  … most likely not since Amazon thinks   I’m a romantic that enjoys the raunchy books  and that  I also have a child ( which I don’t)  or maybe Amazon just knows me better than I know myself and they’re like ” YO!  you’re gonna LOVE THIS  BOOK READ IT ! also  you have a kid that you never knew about  and in a week he’s gonna be dropped on your doorstep get ready!! ”

till next  time


 PS: Viola and Ortensia  I completed  Samurias Garden ages ago but never wrote my thoughts on it but I’m worried this blog post is way too long if you’re both still interested ill post my thought about it next post.

super duper  sorry