Summer reading, Romantisim


The days are longer and the rays of sun seem to dissolve unhappiness or maybe that’s just a byproduct of having time off from work to go out to the beach or go camping, fishing, hiking, picking berries, making jam, canning  and drying fruit or just  staying at home seeking a refuge from the sun. As for myself, I’ve been busy with work at the lab.summer I miss those Long summer breaks, so when I do get the week or two off from work ill make sure to aim to accomplish all the of the above and id also like to try my hand at making my own kimchi and miso paste. My sister freshly out of college has bought a puppy! His name  Is Leo named after Leo Messi, to my disdain the  Rascals been peeing on the carpet chewing my shoes and tugging at the drapes. I feel like I’m the only one being scrupulous with him. We must RESIST those puppy eyes and not feed him any scraps from the dinner table. He can sit, shake, lay down …. still working on rollover, fetch and will probably enroll him doggy school to help us potty train the rascal.


Lately, I’ve been reading books that take place during the Romantic era ( between 1799 to the mid-1850’s)  The Romantic era was an era that coincided with the rise of industrialization. There was a lot of money to be made in the factories that arose in the cities,  which lead to a large migration from the countryside to cities. The migrants lived in cramped squalid conditions, People Often threw garbage out their windows. Sanitation didn’t exist, cities reeked and epidemics would spread like wildfire. Hospitals were a place where the poor went to die, the rich hired Private physicians who’s medical cures and practices amounted to quackery. The Factories within the cities had smokestacks that spewed Black clouds of coal that caked the houses surrounding the factory. Average life expectancy between 1799-1850’s was 37.5.   So no wonder Romanticism arose during this time,  Romanticism was when Nature was looked to and glorified when individuals looked at previous eras and wishfully wanted to live a life before the industrial revolution. Geology was blooming into a hobby many enjoyed,   The Prior Scientific revolutions remained out the threshold of activities that commoners could enjoy.  mathematics, physics, and astronomy was an activity reserved for the Wealthy Privileged that could afford an education.   So here come along a  Science were you required minimal tools where you would embark on an adventure leaving the city and digging up rocks in hopes of digging up fossilized Skeletal remains of ancient creatures and vegetation.  There were a few clergy members that picked up geology setting forth to find proof for their  Idea that the Earth was only 6000 years old.


Alexander Von Humbolt’s expedition logs were popular reading, the first thing I thought when I heard his name was Oh yeah the  Humblot squid those aggressive cannibalistic creatures, but he was actually quite the explorer and it wasn’t until I googled his name that I discovered HOW MANY THINGS ARE NAMED AFTER HIM  ITS WILD!  In 1799 he left on a voyage that took him to Venezuela from there he canoed up the  Orinoco River, drawing up maps, collecting species,  discovering new plants collecting seeds and making astronomical observations. From his expedition logs we also know that he suffered many miss adventures like having his dog eaten by a jaguar, there was a never-ending barrage of insects and he also discovered these eels that could kill a man with their shock at one point they released a few horses to cause a ruckus in the river in hopes of driving the eels up the river banks . They caught the eels but the horses died in the prosses, After catching these eels they begin to dissect them only to discover that they retained their ability to shock after death and received a near lethal shock.  please try to imagine that place your self in that situation. ABSOLUTELY BANANAS,  WILD.

I think why I’ve enjoyed reading about Romanticism is because   It was an eclectic group of individuals that picked up geology,  botany, astrology, physics, and mathematics I loved reading about their drives and discoveries, their search for knowledge sometimes at personal risk for truth and beauty which resonated with me.

The books I’ve read this summer

Reading the Rocks: How Victorian Geologists Discovered the Secret of Life

Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History

a riveting dissection of how this culture came to be 10/10 would recommend

The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World

The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science

One of my all-time favorite books, one of the few books I have taken the time to re-read

heck, I’m not sure if any of you would be interested in my Goodreads account if anyone shows any interest I might just re-edit his post and link it in.

Hopefully,  you’ve all been having more exciting summers than I.

Thanks for reading,  and till next time