Big 5 Personality Test

Lamar a Highschool friend of mine got married 3 years ago
It wasn’t until recently that I found the time, energy and motivation to meet up with them.
lamar played the lead role in high school performances, he was friendly sociable a bit laid back and a great listener.
I was Quiet, reserved but at times eccentric you could find me in the library with Steven & Nate the math bros. Playing Yugioh cards, chess, trading pokemon’s and having nerdy conversations.
Lamar would occasionally join us to play pokemon.
After Highschool we went our separate directions I moved across the country for college, while he stayed at a local college.
we met at Starbucks yesterday to catch up. To my surprise, the majority of the time was I spent in conversation with his wife Jess. A stay at home wife with a big interest in psychology and learning different languages. Our conversation began with her saying
” I hope you don’t mind being psychoanalyzed because that’s what I enjoy doing ”
She talked about Jungian functions, the Meyers Briggs personality test and how the Big 5 personality test & the Hexaco test are better measurements of your personality. I talked about my day to day activities at the lab, the current state of physics and how a good diet keeps your mind healthy.
Lamar occasionally chimed in on the conversation, as we walked around Green Lake

For today’s post, I’ll be talking 2 different personality tests one with 80 questions and another with 120 questions.
posting my results and briefly say whether I agree or disagree with the results. Granted 80-120 questions will not encapsulate the gamut of a human personality, I expect a general outline of my personality.
The first test is 80 questions, gives a summary of percentages that tally up to 100% of a personality. Which I disliked because it’s childishly simplistic to say the aggregate of these traits is your whole personality, and I don’t agree with the results

you can take the test at

My results

  • Agreeableness= Compassion and Politeness
  • Conscientiousness= Industriousness and Orderliness
  • Extraversion =Enthusiasm and Assertiveness
  • Emotional Stability /Neuroticism = Withdrawal and Volatility
  • Openness to Experience= Openness and Intellect

personality test 1

Id like to note Do not be confused with the personality aspect of Intellect with IQ. Intellect is a measure of interest in abstract ideas, essentially, while IQ is a measure of processing speed, verbal ability, working memory, and problem-solving capacity.

I’m pleased with 123’s comparative personality test because the results are a comparison between yourself and everyone else who has taken the test. It’s best to imagine the 1-100 scale as being placed in a room with 100 people and seeing where you stack up compared to the others in different traits.

you can take the test here

That being said I don’t agree on some of the results

test 2

Natural reaction: C’MON a 1 is like a monk on Ketamine, relaxed all the time and phased by nothing, yes I’m not easily upset in stressful situations and I’m relaxed most of the time but I have my moments my revised Natural reaction should be 25-35

Agreeableness: Hard- Headed, skeptical, and proud are not words I would use to describe myself. Yes I’m competitive at times I feel like I’m at least a 45

Extraversion: Resolved, Formal, serious, quiet YESS all true …..But I also like to think that I’m friendly at times😅😅…….😘 im at least a 27

If you have time I’d be curious to see what you think of your own results, do you think they’re a good measurement of those traits?


A Great Book to Read While on Vacation; The Rape Of Nanking

I should have picked a book with a more joyous title “The Rape of Nanking”
what a lovely title for a book to read while on vacation!😱

next time I’ll pick a more uplifting title ” I am a Cat”, “life 3.0″, or
better yet write a book while on vacation titled ” Carebears in Al Queda”
It would be about the Carebears who have had enough of the modern world and the anxieties that come with it. Overwhelmed by a
disintegrating environment, rampant political corruption, a methamphetamine epidemic and rocketing rates of depression.
The carebears decide to leave all earthly possessions behind as well a multimillion television deal to provide humanitarian aid in war-stricken city , Al Queda.
Each day has been bringing them happiness and fulfillment as they slowly heal the hearts of al Queda’s residents.
Suddenly Isis invades and rumors spread through the city that the carebears are a pansexual quartet.
Will they be able to traverse the nuanced culture of al Queda while coercing isis into laying down their weapons and bring peace to the land or will they be stoned to death in the pansexualphobic country of Iraq never to be seen again?



the summary of The Rape of Nanking

In December 1937, the Japanese army invaded the ancient city of Nanking, systematically raping, torturing, and murdering more than 300,000 Chinese civilians.

This book tells the story from three perspectives: of the Japanese soldiers who performed it, of the Chinese civilians who endured it, and of a group of Europeans and Americans who refused to abandon the city and were able to create a safety zone that saved many.

My favorite quote from the book

” The veneer of civilization seems to exceedingly thin one that can be easily stripped away, Especially during war”

A visceral account of the Nanking massacre, that left me wondering why these crimes against humanity that are comparable to the horrors heard about in Nazi concentration camps isn’t more widely known. At times I closed the book out of disgust. I initially had my own personal objections, surely the methods of torture and rape described have been exaggerated? Probably not. I did my own reading into the sources and simply Googling Nanking The first images that appear are that of a row of decapitated heads, and a stacked pile of children corpses.
it was a mentally torturous read, that made me realize a wider scoped capacity of savagery that I didn’t was morally possible. Despite this, it’s a book that should be more widely known.

Sick day

Yesterday was probably the first time since infancy I spent most of the day asleep. I had a fever of 102 my head felt like it was filled with custard. My throat was sore and my nostrils were clogged. I feel much better today the conjunction of having a vaporizer in the room filled with eucalyptus oil, and the powerful tonic made of chicken broth Ginger and lemons helped me greatly. still not fully recovered but grateful nonetheless to be feeling better than yesterday.sick_day    (  I love xkcd)

I’m sitting on my patio enjoying some sunshine, drinking water, and chicken broth while writing.  When autumn arrives in Seattle it’ll be blanketed by grey clouds for the duration of fall and winter.

I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll be too sick to attend a seminar on prospects for laboratory searches for Plank scale dark matter. I don’t want to cry over spilled milk. So let’s continue on to the main topic of this blog post. With the encouragement from Bookworm drinketh and a few others to post more often from now on my goal for each month will be to release at least two posts a month. IM GATHERING MY RESOLVE!  I’m writing at least 5 minutes daily but I find myself jettisoning 90% of what I write, I can’t help but read books and find myself comparing my writing of theirs and finding myself unpleased with my standard of writing compared to theirs.  I also find myself displeased with What I write about, I want my posts to be about interesting topics ill be damned if you ever catch me posting something such as  ” My top ten favorite books best zingers of all time” , ” My top 5 movies”

So I guess the underlying goal to achieve 2 posts per month is loosening my self-criticism inhibitions,  haha no the solution isn’t drinking a glass of wine as I sit down and begin writing.  a glass of red wine a month is more than plenty for me!!  ill have to find a new form of relaxation to loosen up.

I hope this is legible

just how A Lannister always pays his debts! 

ill hold myself to post twice a month

till next time Joseph