Spending a Week with Missionaries

Hoasting a missionary couple last week left me jettisoning hobbies and activities I would have otherwise done. sorry for  the late post

My mom was a missionary with the peace corps in Honduras & worked alongside the missionary couple. It’s also the place I would call home for nine years of my life. My family ended up leaving so that my sister brother and I could have a better education while the missionary couple stayed in Honduras and built an organization to help mothers from the slums to find employment and take care of their children while they’re working.

For the last 3 weeks, they’ve been driving across the United States and Canada visiting churches to help fund their organization.

They stayed with me  Monday to Saturday it was great to see and talk with old acquaintances, however, at times their religious quirks got on my nerves. It was fine if every meal began with a prayer,  but once they removed a clock that was in front of my dinner table and replace it with a wooden cross it annoyed me.

Tuesday after work one of the first things they ask me was  “so nata(a nickname friends and family call me) do you believe in God are you Christian?”


I replied with something along the lines of

” This is a tough question”

They replied with

“no, no it isn’t” 

I hesitantly replied with

“well while my mom and dad are Christian I don’t believe in anything religious. But I gravitate towards Taoism, its a philosophical system set towards living to a person’s nature. which has some underlying principles of Christianity like compassion, frugality, and humility. Best I could do to explain Taoism  would be, when George Lucas was writing Star Wars Taoism is what inspired the force and the way of the Jedi.”


they replied with

“well God works in mysterious ways and we pray that he will find his way into your heart.”

I’m glad that the conversation veered toward what would we have for dinner.

There were similar circumstances that occurred through the week, but I think you, dear reader, already get the gist of what it might be like to live with a highly religious missionary couple for a week. On the Upside baking cake’s and playing boardgames ALWAYS ameliorates a situation.

What got me through the week was thinking from their perspective. I know if I had an unquestioning faith in God and believed in Heaven and Hell I wouldn’t want those around me to have their souls burning in an eternal Hellfire.

also, I didn’t think it was morally appropriate to enter into a discussion about the plausibility of God and religious dogmatism that marinates any religious individual. When they’ve been using their religious beliefs as an anchor as they serve a region of the world that is riddled with poverty corruption and violence, you don’t need to look any further than to the Honduran refugees that are fleeing the country.

Since I find myself on the subject of the Honduran refugee caravan I’ll linger on the topic.

The Trip initially began in San Pedro Sula  when they left Honduras the caravan consisted of 10,000, but since entering Tapachula in Mexico it has decreased to 7,000


So its safe to assume that we can expect that number to decrease, let’s assume

5,000 refugees arrive at the USA Border seeking asylum.

What would you do?  their not pernicious gangsters as the president make them out to be. After screening, I would allow them through but that’s just my opinion.  These are men women and children that are seeking a better future.

I doubt this is how it will play out, given the politically polarized view on immigration of the USA, and the stance of the president.  there is nothing logistically difficult about accommodating for 5,000ish new immigrants.

let’s look at Germany, and how they have managed to accommodate from  2014-2018  1.4 MILLION  Muslims.   If we had a portal gun and transported 1.4 million Muslims to the USA border think about the bureaucratic nightmare that would be.


anyways wishing you all a great week and till next time,










10 thoughts on “Spending a Week with Missionaries

  1. Well, I’m glad you were nice enough to nod and smile and look at things from their point of view! As someone who grew up in a Catholic church and still has a father who constantly asks why I won’t go to church, and loves to point out to people that my boyfriend and I are not married, but are living in sin…. I feel your pain. So, kudos to you!! And… IT WAS ONLY A WEEK! 😉😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nicole 🙌😆
      there was no way for me to relax when they were around.
      I’m relieved they are no longer with me at least I got a blog post out of it and a story I didn’t know how to incorporate into the blog post,

      The story being my sister also lives with me, she’s staying with me while she pays off her student loans. she’s a lesbian and her girlfriend showed up Friday night

      THAT night my I hit peak Hollywood if there was ever a moment in my life that could be written as a sit Com episode that Friday night would be it.

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      1. OMG!!! I WISH I WAS THERE FOR THAT!!! 😂😂 To see the reaction of the missionaries AND to meet your sister… Since, I’m pretty sure she’s my new best friend and just doesn’t know it yet. 😉😉


      1. Do I have the fidget spinner review?? HA HA HA!!! Ummm… Yes! I was hoping to read the book to do a buddy post with you on it, but haven’t got around to it! LMAO!!! I’ll have to link to it when I find the time! 😂😂 Check your email. 😙

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Chuck tingle is a treasure at the corner of weird and amazing. I’d read another if we’re for a review
        We have short stories such as

        Pounded in the Butt by the Sentient Manifestation of My Own Ignorant Climate Change Denial

        My Butt is Comforted by the Realization that I’m Okay and Everything Will Be Alright

        Billionaire Elons Mugg Takes the Handsome Planet Mars in his Butt

        Ill read anything !


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