What I’ve been Up to, Looking at 2019

I’ve blinked and two months have flown by.

    The last two weeks of December till the 2nd of January I had a  vacation.  similar to how a plot of land in rotation occasionally needs a year to replenish its nutrients so it can grow better crops during the spring and Summer maybe humans need a period of rest to replenish themselves. At least that’s how Id like to view the vacation, since nothing was accomplished and I feel guilty that I  could have used that time to write a couple blog posts, for drawing, fixing the electric lawn mower, Or even coding. However, I spent the days in PJs while I read next to the fireplace catching up on all the books I’ve been meaning to read, competitively & belligerently playing Settlers of Catan with my siblings and their plus ones.

       I can probably expect in this question to come up every holiday season now.

    ” Joseph when are you finally going to find yourself a nice girlfriend”

          I laugh off the question usually responding with. “I’m just too busy with my job, to consider dating someone at the moment”

    The real answer that question is I’m goal oriented and I have so many things I want to achieve and getting into a relationship  isn’t it a top priority, also I feel secure physically and emotionally on my own I’m comfortable with what I am and what I have I don’t need someone else to make my life “Complete”.

    When the 2nd of  January arrived I was back at work, the time  has quickly flown by it’s been an interesting transition from spending most of my time doing research to spending most of my time coding, I’m now part of the team that’s responsible for creating data analysis tools. Which leaves me slightly pondering the opportunity of making a lateral career change from a research associate to a software engineer.

    Mainly because that’s practically what I’ve become and the average salary for software engineers in the Seattle area is Ludacris and that’s a large incentive.  However I’m still a long ways away from making the jump, I have to look at every single pro and con when making such a large decision.


Fuzzily looking at 2019, it doesn’t look like it’ll be an eventful year. The only thing I know for certain is that it’ll be a year where I will continue to live simply and frugally.  When it comes to blogging I’ll continue to post at least once a month last year I posted Philip of the dragonflies which in retrospect I think I could have done much better so I hope that this will be the year where I will write a short story start to finish that I’m pleased with.