February In Seattle, Short story progress.


It doesn’t usually snow that much or too often in Seattle so when the first two weeks of February snowed enough to be called

“The snowiest month in the last 50 years”

even though that equated to only 4 to 6 inches of expected snowfall. It left me and other Seattlelites scrambling towards the nearest Trader Joe’s, PCC or Whole Food’s to stockpile on groceries. Only to be greeted with a scarcity of kale, eggs tomatoes, kombucha all the bread… You know The essentials. There was also an hour and a half wait times at the checkout.

Daniel  humorously tweeted

“Oh no they’ve started looting people are running out of the stores with arms full of yerba mate tea.”

“People are bartering monogrammed yoga mats for just a single slice of cauliflower pizza.”

“Everything is closed everywhere is abandoned writing groups are still meeting though. You can’t keep submitting the same chapter Doug!”

In all seriousness though first two weeks February I was only able to make it into work for a total of 4 days. All other days were spent working from home or exploring the winterscape.


nights were accompanied by long dinners my sis stared at her phone while I read and drank tea/wine.

We even snowboard down the hill a couple of times.

 I’ve had the time to think about what kind of short story I’d like to write.
   Two of my favorite bloggers Ortensia who just published her very first book! Fields of Lies.
 And Viola Blue who’s been blogging her progress is on the cusp of publishing her first. Both have inspired me and given me moxie as I attempt to navigate my way towards my first short story.
So far I’ve been toying with the idea
 Of a story that takes place in the not-so-distant future where a young man/ woman leaves his/her countryside home to attend a big city college.
  Where he encounters a cloud Cuckoo Land esq city, all signs for this malady point towards a vendor of dreams that sells dreams all kinds of flavors.
     I can picture civilians walking the streets who have lived hundreds of LifeTimes through their dreams talking in cryptic languages and shouting magical incantations living a life woven by the shards of all their dreams.
 I can picture the main character attempting to ameliorate this situation as he tries to wean friends and a college roommate off from these dream pills, many questions arise that I still need to answer.
There’s a saying in Inception” the dream is real once you’re in it” who is the main character to say to the dreamer,  the dream they’re living and receiving pleasure from is worthless living in and To embrace the hardships and happiness that come with reality.
What happens to a city when its inhabitants have lived a lifetime’s inside dreams that have no dues or don’t, borders, barriers or guidelines and they begin to live in reality?
        Who knows, I still don’t know whether this is a good idea or not.
……. I’ll have to re-read
  • ready Player One
  • Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
  • House of leaves
  • Enders Game
  • Amanda

Anyways Thanks for Reading