I have found myself mired in meetings, and seminars . Not that I dislike meetings or seminars and who can say no to Free coffee and keto chocolate cups but in the back of my mind I know it could be doing better things with my time like  actually working.

Three weekends ago I spent the day getting my P Patch ready.
ended up Tilling the soil and adding nitrogen, ash , coffee grounds and eggshells … Still haven’t decided what to plant most definitely there will be kale, mustard ,greens and beats maybe I’ll plant some napa cabbage and try my hand at making homemade kimchi.

This upcoming Thursday my sister will be flying out to Colorado  visiting friends until Monday.  Leaving the house  with only myself   my sister’s girlfriend and course Leo. Which means a couple of things one I’ll have to hire a dog walker for Thursday and Friday so that Leo doesn’t build up an explosive amount of energy plus it’s probably inhumane to keep a dog in a pen from 9 hours at a time.  The puppers haas grown up big

 Second of all I have an ever-expanding list of “experimental” dinners I’d like to try creating and with my sister out of the way who is in fact the pickiest eater of the household it leaves me free to try new things Thursday has in store waffle tacos , Friday I’m planning spicy tomato seafood chowder with pizza dumplings  Saturday a Caesar salad but without the chicken adding salmon and avocado   With a seafood pot pie Sunday: teriyaki beef over wild rice

  Trees are still blooming and I’m enjoying that. 

notable books I’ve read this month steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse


Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

  Both of which I recommend to anyone who’s looking for anything new to read.

Lastly quick update on my writing progress, I have taken the jump and started writing  despite the fact that I still don’t feel that I have the entirety of a plot written out . I might start releasing it by chapters starting next month , at the same time there might be quite a lot of revisions I just finished steppenwolf and it’s left me blown away I think to myself I could do much better and there probably more revisions that could be done to improve the story. I said this in the past but books & the internet expose us to the world’s greatest writers in the past and present and I can’t help but feel inadequate in comparison to them.

  Btw: has anyone been keeping track of game of thrones I’m glad it’s back after 2 years.    

I hope Tyrion takes the iron throne!