I Have a new bonsai and I named it Viola

Yesterday to my surprise ,while browsing WordPress Viola Bleu my virtual friend and longtime blogger that I have been following for quite some time release the new blog post.

In it she announce that she bought a new bonsai and named it Joseph after me , a touching gesture that I didn’t really think a ” thank you” could express my thanks .

In my backyard unattended and ignored for 16 years a pine tree has been growing in a ceramic pot.

I had to look up a how to video on making a bonsai, I ended up repotting it adding fresh soil trimming the roots and branches . In hindsight I probably should have taken a before and after picture

But the end result I’m pleased with , for now I’ll have to let this pine tree rest and adapt to its new soil

I still have to shape the branches with copper wire and that in itself could take years!

Leo seems to approve.


7 thoughts on “I Have a new bonsai and I named it Viola

  1. This is adorable!!
    Wow – now you have Viola to chat to Leo when you’re busy 🤗🌳👌🏼
    It will be interesting to see it’s new shape in the future!

    Have a great day and here’s to virtual friendships 🥂

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    1. I’ll keep you posted , it’ll be a few months before viola gets accustomed to the soil. And then I’ll have to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing because I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do when it comes to shaping branches with copper wire.


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  3. How is Voila doing? and more to the point, how are you doing?
    I’ve been completely silent on wordpress since May .. am I right in thinking you’re the same?!
    I’m wanting to start blogging again and sharing my thoughts on my spring and summer .. I’m afraid Joseph didn’t make it. I appear to be totally unable to nurture bonsai trees and for that I am upset. I need to learn more about them as I am determined to keep them. For Matsu’s sake xx

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    1. Sounds about right , I’ve been all right the main reason I haven’t posted in awhile the ebn and flow of my life has changed . I’ve gone from being a research associate at a university to a software engineer. This happened because of two main reasons , Seattle is an expensive place to live and I needed the kind of income that could help me support my sister and brother .
      And secondly I guess when I was looking at the future , the technology that will impact our society the most as we progress into it is computer science and more specifically artificial intelligence.

      Do you remember in The Hobbit when gandalf had an inkling to what the ring was so he left for Minas Tirith and he spent like three continuous days just reading books .
      I’m in the same kind of mode right now where my life has just been learning and trying to get to the edge of understanding when it comes to this field.

      I definitely need to start blogging , well that about sums up when I’ve been up to how about you?

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